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Car Lifts

  Vehicles elevators are used to park vehicles inside buildings. These elevators can be used as a parking lot with the building tops and basements. Elevator car lifts cabinet door must be designed as a closed cabin as per regulations. If an elevator is in the form of semi-open platform, usage of machinery safety directions should be considered...

Freight Elevators

  Generally used for the transport of persons with carrying goods.  Generally, factories, warehouses, shopping centers, parking lots, transportation jobs, such as are used in high-traffic areas.  This type of elevator comfort and load carrying capacity of the elevator is important than speed. Therefore, the load capacity of the ...
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Stretcher Elevators

  Stretcher lifts are used in hospitals and are capable of at least one stretcher to carry one companion.  In general, for the comfort of the patient in terms of lighting and aesthetics are designed with the latest technology.  During the backboard stretcher shake to prevent the entry and exit of the elevator cabin setting precise floors ...
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Panoramic Elevators

  Panoramic elevators, especially shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment centers are used. Panoramic lifts others The most important feature is the glass that separates the side and rear elevations. In this way, the possibility of users off the elevator cabins, a spacious environment than is provided a visual pleasure. It also lifts off the ...
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Hydraulic Elevator

  Hydraulic lifts, requiring intensive use and affordable solution for the situations above the engine room. hydraulic lifts the engine room, in general, is at the first stop. Generally, the load applied to the lifts. Usually 4-60 people and 0.63 m / s speed. This action lifts the down arrow ...


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Passenger Lift

  Passenger Elevators, often used in places such as hotels, residential & shopping centers, Passenger elevators are divided into three classes accordance to their usage.
1st Class Passenger Lifts:
Small cabin lifts used to move peoples with a total of 630 kg weight capacity...
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  The escalator steps arrangement permanently mounted on a rotating, electrically operated ladder. People up or faster benefits of moving down. Elevators can carry more than human. Its main use is a moments hotels, shopping malls, train and metro stations and airports tions ...
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Food Elevators

  Food/Dumbwaiters elevators are small freight elevators intended to carry objects rather than people. Dumbwaiters found within modern structures, including both commercial and private buildings, are often connected between multiple floors. When installed in restaurants or in private homes, the lifts generally terminate in a kitchen...

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Disabled Elevators

  Disabled lifts, stairs, or similar elevations of persons with disabilities in order to overcome easily, ladder or platform in the form of in the form of
üretilmektedir.Merdiven makes it easy to go up and down the edge of the connecting mechanism between the layers. These types of lifts are usually in homes, and villas in this ...
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Exterior Facade Elevators

  Front lifts, reasonable price, practical use and installation of the operating performance of the short suras increases and reduces construction costs. Outside the building using ropes, to come on the property to the desired height, can be compatible with each other as soon as possible by means of columns...
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